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Addiction to Video Games

Ed consulted with me because he was concerned about his 16 year-old son. « He doesn’t have any friends. I’d like to spend more time with him but there doesn’t seem to be anything he likes to do. » « How does he spend his time? » I asked. « Playing video games. » Betsy consulted …

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Do Video Games cause violence and aggression?

Some people that see scandals and all types of upsetting pictures as a way to catch people’s interest may not agree to accept but the reality is that the media is flooded with brutality that every now and then is cracking the limits of the permitted.  One of the often …

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Video game trade in

In this difficult economy, finding the money to buy new video games is becoming more and more of a struggle for many gamers.  Department store prices are high and sometimes a couple of games can cost almost as much as the console itself! Fortunately, there is an alternative.  The way …

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