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Violence And Video Games

According to Patrick Masell, recently the media has bombarded Americans with images and stories concerning a popular and morally corrupt video game called « Grand Theft Auto. » GTA 3 and its sequel GTA: Vice City has sparked record sales as well as protests and news reports across the globe. Most of …

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How to Get Cheap Movies, Video Games, and Music

If your favorite hobby is playing video games, than we have something in common. We are frustrated. We are frustrated because our favorite video games are too expensive. We are going online and spending hours to find how we can get our games of desire cheaper. We have been trying …

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Video Games Suppliers or Video Games Distributors For Business?

Video games suppliers were already doing business in the internet without video games distributors during the early years of the video game business in the internet. During those early years there were only two players in the video games business: the video games suppliers and the video games retailers. The …

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